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Carnivorous Nepenthes 'pitcher plant' for sale near Downtown Phoenix arizona
Carnivorous Nepenthes 'pitcher plant' for sale near Downtown Phoenix arizona
Nepenthes - Monkey Cup Plant
Nepenthes - Monkey Cup Plant
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Nepenthes - Monkey Cup Plant

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    Nepenthes sp. ’Pitcher Plants’ are one my favorite plants to grow. They come from weedy vines that grow in Southeast Asia, and various islands in the Pacific Ocean.  Each leaf tip forms a tiny bud that slowly grows into a pitcher shaped cup that attracts insects to it, and then eventually the insects falls from the smooth lip and is trapped in the pitcher by slippery walls, where it drowns and fertilizes itself. 


    These vines do really well with bright light, even a southern window in a Phoenix home would work! 

    • Bright light, direct sun if possible.
    • Loves to stay damp, but will enjoy getting a little dry now and then.
    • Prefers humidity, but does well indoors if kept moist. 

    Diclaimer: Keep in mind that every plant grows a little differently, and we can’t guarantee yours will be super long or shorter. We won’t send out weak, small plants, but they may or may range in size from 6-14” long.

    They will have a ton of pitchers, but one or two may be damaged in shipping. Each leaf has the potential to make a new one once it acclimates!